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Real Estate Developments

NorthChild Group, a dynamic real estate developer, has successfully completed an apartment project in Vancouver, contributing to the city's vibrant urban landscape. The company is currently gearing up for two more promising projects in Abbotsford and downtown Vancouver, set to further enhance their portfolio and the local communities.

The Second + Main development project is a visionary undertaking located in the heart of Southeast False Creek, Vancouver. This ambitious project covers a full city block and brings a contemporary aesthetic to the cityscape with its innovative concrete and glass structure. It serves as a cornerstone development, connecting surrounding neighbourhoods and infusing the area with a renewed sense of urban energy 



Coming soon: a new chapter for Meadowood Place, Abbotsford. Building on its legacy since 1982, we're introducing modern designs and amenities. Nestled on 11 acres of green landscape and positioned near Matsqui Recreation Centre, schools, and shopping centers, Meadowood is set to offer an unparalleled living experience. Stay tuned for more updates!


Plaza of Nations

The Plaza of Nations, once a vibrant hub of entertainment along Vancouver's False Creek, was a pivotal part of the cityscape during Expo '86. This space, large enough to accommodate 4,500 spectators, was a cherished remnant of this international exposition. In Vancouver's centennial year, it played a key role in mapping out the spatial boundaries of the world's fair.Stay tuned for more updates!

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