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We deeply value the physical infrastructure of education. We understand that the universities and their lands we own are more than just property; they're vibrant learning spaces. Our commitment is to maintain and enhance these environments, fostering innovation, knowledge exchange, and community engagement.

University of Portsmouth London Campus

London, UK

The University of Portsmouth's new London campus, located in Walthamstow Central, seeks to deliver accessible, career-oriented, inclusive education to a broad audience. Comprising two facilities, Juniper House and Central House, the campus boasts classrooms, social spaces, a winter garden, flexible learning areas, student support services, and green spaces. The campus offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, work-based learning opportunities, and continuous learning programmes, designed to cater to local skills needs. Additionally, it fosters partnerships with local schools, businesses, and non-profits, promoting education accessibility, community opportunities, and local economic growth. Known as a civic campus, it aims to catalyze transformation through education. More information is available at their Admissions and Recruitment Centre at Walthamstow Library or online.

Sofia University Campus

Costa Mesa, California, USA

The school has two campuses in Northern and Southern California. The Northern California campus is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the world's high-tech innovation center, and is just a 10-minute drive from tech giants like Stanford University, Facebook, Apple, HP, Google, etc. The Southern California campus is located in Southern California, the second-largest entrepreneurial community in the US, adjacent to Los Angeles, the global capital of the entertainment industry. It is the only private university that has campuses in both the most vibrant and prosperous cities in Northern and Southern California, covering a total area of 700,000 square miles.

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